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Summer Holidays in Zell im Zillertal

Zillertal Arena - that sounds like snow, skiing and snowboarding. But did you know how much the region has to offer in summer? After all, Zell is surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges, but there's also loads to see and do down in the valley.

Walking tours in the  Zillertal

Zell am Ziller is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Throughout the villages of Gerlosberg, Hainzenberg, Rohrberg and Zellberg, many routes and paths lead up into high altitutes where you can take in the breathtaking views of the Tyrolean Countryside and see the spectacular peaks of the Austrian Alps. There's a route for everybody, be it a gentle walk for all the family or an exhilerating ascent to a rocky peak! 

We especially recommend the routes around Kreuzjoch and also, on the opposite side of the Gerlos valley, the area of Gerlosstein. Both can be reached by cable car, and then you can chose from many different paths all starting at the lift station. You can go as high as 2.558 metres above sea level! 

Bike Arena Zell am Ziller

It's a very unique experience to climb mountains - even more so when you use your bike. Specially prepared trails allow you to explore the mountains at your own pace, uphill and downhill! Experience the forest, the meadows and the rocky paths. Sounds too exhilerating? Of course you can also cycle down in the valley! The gentle cycling trail along the Ziller river guarantees everybody a possibilty for fun on two wheels. 

  • The “Biketicket Zell-Gerlos” gives you one cable car ride up the mountain in Zell and one in Gerlos, or the other way round.
  • Free transport of bikes with all cable cars, taking you as high as 1.800 metres above sea level!

Freizeitpark Zell

The Freizeitpark Zell - adventure playground and sports centre

The Freizeitpark, or recretion park, in Zell offers you some exiting alternatives to skiing and snowboarding: an ice rink can be used for ice skating, curling and ice hockey, while there are also 4 lanes of bowling and tennis courts (indoors and outdoors!). The indoor courts in can be used in the winter and late at night, while the four outdoor courts also include a tennis wall and can be used in summer.

Covering an are of more than 45.000 square metres, the Freitzeitpark has something to offer for everybody: there's also minigolf, volleyball, street soccer, football, and of course the fantastic outdoor pool with slides, whirlstreams, sports pool, and much more!

Alpine climbing route Gerlossteinwand - the first Via Ferrata of the Zillertal

More than 450 metres of steel rope, 300 handles, 230 rope clamps, 150 drilled anchors and much, much more was needed when the members of the Zell Alpine rescue team built the Via Ferrata into the rockface of the Gerlossteinwand.

Via Ferratas are a growing trend in the alps and allow everybody to experience Alpine rock climbing, assisted by steel ropes and handles. With the correct equipment and a certain technique, anybode can climb this route and not just be active and train their body, but also have an exhilerating experience far up in a cliff of the Alps.